Intellectual Property and New Technologies

The firm, with skills acquired outside Italy, guarantees companies a global view of the dynamics related to Intellectual and Industrial Property, through professionals experienced in the protection of trademarks and patents, design know-how and copyright in both extrajudicial and judicial cases.

The firm assists some of the most famous brands nationally and internationally through the assistance and management of the Brand Portfolio at the relevant offices (UIBM, EUIPO, WIPO), as well as in hypotheses regarding counterfeiting and unfair competition.

The firm also has a long-standing track record of negotiating and drafting technology transfer agreements, licensing, distribution and agency contracts. The firm assists its customers in all privacy issues, from compliance to Data Protection, also being able to count on an interdisciplinary technical-legal team that allows, especially for innovative companies, to have a advice on all business processes.

Corporate M&A

The LCF firm offers legal advice services to companies and investors in the various branches of Commercial and Corporate Law, including extraordinary transactions in the restructuring processes and also in bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition, it assists its clients in terms of contractual issues and has also gained significant experience in drafting parasocial, joint-venture pacts, as well as in the preparation of statutes appropriate to the specific needs, with appropriate clauses of liking, preemption, tag-along, drag-along and resolution of the decision deadlock.

With the experience of our corporate M&A team, we offer the client a multi-disciplinary approach, working closely with colleagues in other departments, intellectual property law, labor law and law providing a 360-degree, organic and coordinated advisory service, an essential condition for managing corporate operations involving heterogeneous and complex issues.


Family and successions

The firm offers its service in relation to the issues:

  • inheritances and donations;
  • separations and divorces;
  • problems related to the family in fact;
  • inability, prohibition and administration support;
  • actions of disavowal-recognition of paternity;
  • issues concerning legitimate or natural parentage.

The study provides assistance for consensual and judicial separations, joint divorces and litigation, including through the recent assisted negotiation procedure, as well as for procedures for changing and reviewing the conditions established in the separation and divorce and the management of the financial relationships between spouses. It also has many years of experience in asset protection through the establishment of capital funds and trusts, as well as in inheritances, acceptance and waiver, acceptance with the benefit of inventory, inventory inheritance, divisions Hereditary.

Sport & Media

The firm has gained experience and expertise in the field for both professionalism and amateurism thanks to consultancy and assistance to sportsmen, football agents, professional football clubs and amateurs of the national territory.

Among the most performed activities are advice on national and international transfers, recovery of professional credits, drafting of professional mandates for agents, as well as the related contracts for sports work and Sponsorship.

LCF is a leading studio in Italy for assistance in the media, music, film, internet and technology sectors.  In fact, he has particular experience in record and editorial contracts, in negotiations for national and international tours, in the sale and licensing of record and editorial catalogs. He has assisted in M&A’s corporate operations related to leading companies operating in the industry.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”
Michael Jordan



LCF has many years of experience in assisting start-ups and incubators, both in the strategic and fiscal planning phase of the new business, as well as in day-to-day care, and offers
assistance and advice for the establishment, the definition of relationships between members and investors, the inclusion in the register of innovative start-ups.  We support start-ups for crowdfunding equity operations, with venture capital and private equity funds providing assistance in corporate, intellectual property, labor law and taxation.

Administrative Law

The firm is responsible for defending the Public Administration in relation to all matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the Administrative Judge, with particular regard to procurement, expropriation and public competitions, providing the in the case of counselling and legal aid before Tar and the Council of State.

Employment law

In the case of Justice, the Firm also deals with litigation in the particular public sector, providing assistance in disputes both before the Administrative Judge (Tar and The Council of State), Ordinary Judge, as well as in the court of auditors.

The firm, thanks to its specific and consolidated experience, is able to assist its customers to quickly identify the best solutions in the context of complex issues of employment law, guaranteeing at all times a service customized timely. This is with reference to the different possible areas of activity: self-employment contracts, consultancy and procurement, agency; confidentiality clauses and non-compete clauses, postings, redundancies management, individual and collective redundancies.